13. Februar 2015


faces of music

Sniy and Don, special Artists of Voice. They sing the songs from Jazz , to Soul, from Pop to Swing and more.

It´s pure entertainment….!

The natural softness of her voice combined with his natural voice and excellent Piano playing create facination with each song they sing.

Their mixed and high quality repertoire is with one word enjoyable: from jazz like “what a wonderful world” , as time goes by, something stupid ” , to Soul like ” killing me softly, stand by me”, to Funk ” I feel good” or to Pop like ” unchain my heart “, to Swing like “dancing cheek to cheek ” and instrumental songs like “take 5″ and piano-man”, and this is just the beginning. Pure Voice!

In today´s fast moving everyday life, we need to dive-more than ever into a world of pleasurable moments, such as those that “NewNote”


Quelle: www.newnotemusic.com